Why I DON’T celebrate Halloween!!!

Let me begin by saying I intend to be offensive in this post. I intend to offend and unmask a lie. A lie that leads to compromise. I know this is unpopular in culture and in some Christian circles. In fact the majority of people who will struggle with this concept are going to be my peers. But there are times where the Lord quickens an individual to do something counter cultural, unpopular and to raise a new standard.

I understand that some Christians participate in Halloween because either they do not know or the do not believe it to be harmful. But Halloween is the celebration of darkness- and 1 John tells me that in light there can be no darkness. It is impossible. Even if it is harmless fun…if it is darkness it cannot exist in light.

But here are some practical reasons I DON’T celebrate Halloween.

It goes contrary to my testimony- The testimony I walk in is that death has no power- it has lost its ability to harm because of the work of Jesus on the cross. Why would I subject myself to celebrating a holiday that gives death its power back- that’s backwards thinking! My testimony is life giving. It is one of redemption…of reconciliation. Jesus is better than darkness!

It doesn’t line up with my family mission statement- Our family mission statement is We want to be a family that brings hope and healing to a hurting world. Nothing about Halloween produces hope- in fact it commemorates despair. This is unacceptable for me to let into my family. So as the husband and the father- I chose to be a vessel of hope and healing not of despair and pain.

I don’t want to open the door to fear– Halloween prides itself on invoking fear into the lives of it’s celebrants. I am working as a husband, father and Pastor to show people that perfect Love cast out all fear. Fear is a dangerous beast that cripples individuals from achieving everything God has for them. I allow no door to this beast to be open in my family- no compromise.

It confuses my teaching– Why would I teach my kids and others that Ghost and Spirits are scary and that we should run from them. Then turn around and with the same mouth try to teach them about the power, person and work of the Holy Spirit. It makes no sense.

It is demonic– Halloween as a holiday is the celebration of darkness. I believe without doubt, with all boldness and unashamedly that Halloween is demonic. The day October 31 is not demonic and can in fact be redeemed- but Halloween in its history and practice are demonic.

I want to set a new standard– I don’t celebrate Halloween. I don’t event sit at home and use it as an evangelism moment. Here is why- I should be inviting my neighbors and community into my life outside of Halloween. If I have candy and open the door- it might give the idea that I approve of the practice and celebration of Halloween- I do not. Therefore I plan Halloween alternative events for parents to take part in. We have a family environment where families can come together and celebrate life and light and everything God is doing in their life. Plus my kids get 5 hours of laser tag and unlimited candy (yes I love candy…I just don’t like Halloween).

I am not opposed to getting together and celebrating life on October 31. I am simply against Halloween- its celebration of darkness and the work of the enemy. Why would you want to give a foothold to the enemy? 

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15 thoughts on “Why I DON’T celebrate Halloween!!!

  1. Thanks Cody for being bold. It is an unpopular view, but is what rings true to my spirit. I believe by not “blending in to the culture,” our light shines brighter. Really I just want to honor the Lord, and Halloween does not do that. I’ve done the haunted house and trick or treat stuff-It never brought one friend to Christ…I knew it then that it wasn’t honoring. I chose now to do differently.

    1. Love your comment Kristyn. Yes knowledge does open the eyes and brings power. Now we share with other. Have a blessed Day!!

  2. Thank you Cody for being a truth teller. I allowed my kids to participate in halloween when they were growing up because I did not know the truth about it. I regret that. I wish someone had taught me these morsels of truth. I value you sharing your convictions and backing them up with the Word.
    Monica Sawyer

  3. In Winston-Salem MA there is an annual Halloween bash. All sorts of activities including a Christian group that has a booth that offers Psalm reading.; visitors are surprised to find out they overlooked the “s” in Psalm. Herein is an offensive rather than defensive approach to witnessing of Jesus Christ!

  4. Cody, there is a deeper vein to Halloween. It is the ordination of the Satanic Church, California leader Anton LaVey.. He wrote the Bible Verses, etc. One of their largest satanic ritual days of the year. They sacrifice a virgin, sacrifice white cats, not black. White symbolizes purity. Some adoption centers will not let a white cat be adopted during October because of this.This is valid for a friend tried to adopt I encourage everybody please read “He Came To Set The Captives Free by Rebecca Brown, M.D.
    She is a doctor who treated(hospital) a high priestess in the satanic church. I have done a lot of study on satanism as I have a brother who has been in a cult for over 40 years. His mind and nerves r almost gone,demons attack his body constantly. .I also have a nephew who was in an occult in La. , was on his deathbed when he was freed from the chains, LSD, etc. witchcraft, etc. Now a gospel and singer. Pastor Cody is opening the eyes of people to the horrific celebratory day. Why give Satan an inch into our lives. Halloween makes me sad for the power it has over the innocent. Thank u Cody for having the courage to approach this subject, it is long over-do by the churches.

  5. Thank thank you thank you for posting!!! We don’t and have never celebrated Halloween in any way in our family and I’m so glad you boldly posted the truth!!!

  6. Do you tell the truth about Santa Claus? How about the Easter Bunny? Or what about the tooth fairy? If you’re answer is “Well, that’s different.” Well, is it?

    1. Yes I do. We don’t celebrate Santa, Easter bunny or tooth fairy. Why would I tell my kids about those three and the Jesus and try to convince them I was kidding about 3/4 but the one is really true. Backwards parenting.

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. I honestly never thought of it this way but your words and scripture have so much truth. New traditions yes and Amen.

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