The Disclaimer


Before I post a blog on why I DON’T celebrate Halloween it is important to set the table. This is to ensure you the reader of a couple of items that I know you will want to bring to my attention. You should know there is nothing new you are going to bring to the conversation with me. Here are some disclaimers I must make you aware of before posting.


I do not hate candy- this is not an attack on candy. In fact I love candy. I don’t need one day a year to celebrate the joys of candy- I eat it regularly and come to my house any other day of the year- I’ll give you candy.


I am not against dressing up- I have three kids. Every other day is dress up day at my house. We love using our imagination and pretending- but as I see it there is nothing neither imaginative nor pretend about Halloween.


I pass no judgment- I am going to be using some absolutes and direct language in my  upcoming blog post about Halloween. Before I get criticized for being judgmental or pompous understand that I would love to have coffee with you and talk through my convictions… in fact I will even buy the coffee.


I know the history- I already know the history of Oct 31 as Reformation and All Saints Eve. Frankly I don’t care. I am talking from the contextualized day Halloween is today. If we can’t look at it in line with the culture it sits in why look at it. Also, I am not going to use reformation day or All Saints Eve be an excuse to celebrate Halloween.


There are probably more disclaimers but this should at least be a good starting point. If you chose to engage in a dialogue or comment on this blog- remember I reserve the right to respond or delete…be respectful.

4 thoughts on “The Disclaimer

  1. Well said, friend. There is a time and place for believers to stand out AND AWAY FROM the darkness. If not at Halloween, then when?

  2. I see that you made comments about the Fall Festival that your church does. A lot of churches do the same thing. Some on a Sat, or Sun before the 31st and some on that date. Some call it a fall fesitval, trunk or treat, ect. Some use it for an alternative event for it’s members and some as an outreach event to their neighborhttood. This is still acknowledging that the day exist, correct. Why do we (churches) wait until a holiday that is celebrated in our culture that we don’t agree with to have our big outreaches? This is not a jab at you or your church and I do agree with many points . It just sparked a thought in me with the church universttal and I think is a good coversation to start within all of our churches. *How do we reach outside our church walls and meet our neighbors in a way that is the most affective?

  3. When I was little we thought of this as a day to “dress up” in cute outfits…..angels, cowboys, princesses and get candy. I never new any of the “scary” stuff and my parents were the ultimate Christian parents. In this day and age it scares me to death! I do have a question….I have been told before that it started as a day to actually scare away the evil demons… there no truth to that?
    Just asking….I don’t love this day or think it a good thing either.

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