I need a SOAPBOX


Often times in life I feel as if I am in a stand off. It’s a “Us v.s. the world” standoff. Where Christians loudly voices everything we are against. Shouting on our soapbox and beating our chest, claiming we are against this, we are against that…

A thought hit me recently and a challenge arose from the thought. I am not against the soapbox. I love a good soapbox.

But what if our message is saying something to the world, we really don’t mean to say- “We are against YOU!”

Here is a thought…a new challenge – what if our soapbox was more about what we stand for rather than what we stand against? This thought began to spring a million thoughts in my head. I would much rather the world to know that:

I am about grace, more than that I am against ______________ (insert hot social topic here).

I am about the Love of God more than I am against ______________ (insert hot social topic here).

I am about Jesusdeath, burial and resurrection more than I am against ______________ (insert hot social topic here)

I am about: healing, restoration, hope, peace, joy, second chances, and so much more.

It seems like people would be more inclined to listen to me if they knew what I stood for than what I stood against. Who knows…maybe in their listening a heart might be changed- then we would be “for” the same things. Our message as Christians is so powerful- let’s not get caught up in being so much against everything, we forget to proclaim what we are for. That’s a soap box worth standing on.

Keep the soapbox…change the message.