Adoption Update: Pervasive Hope

In a whisper, God spoke; I listened.  I heard the voice of the Lord and was instantly connected to His heart.

“You are going to adopt a daughter from Cambodia.”

I felt a surge of joy explode within me.  The dream was planted, and I confidently began down the journey God laid out.

My research began.  I have to educate myself.  I need to make a plan. I must be prepared for this incredible next step.

Then… it happened.

The wind completely removed from my sails.

Inter-country adoptions from Cambodia are closed.  The U.S. State Department is not accepting any applications for adoptions until the Cambodian government can comply with The Hague Adoption Convention.  Their date to reopen adoptions, January 2012, had come and gone.

I listened, and stepped out in obedience.  It was over before it even started.

Then the still, small voice resurfaced, “Jesus Christ in you, the hope of glory… CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory.”

It seemed there was another perspective for my circumstance: God’s perspective.

This perspective stood on truth: His word.

It was grounded in faith: belief in Jesus.

And its propellant was hope: the power of the resurrection.

Ok, adoptions are closed.  Does that matter right now?  Are we adopting immediately?  Is this a deal breaker or a mere pause to better position myself for this journey?

At that moment, hope took hold of my heart.  Hope reignited the flame that has now begun to burn so bright, even the darkest night cannot hide it. Hope is the catalyst that will move this dream forward.  My hopeexists because Christ saves.  It now lives and breathes in me, to accomplish the work of the Father.  This hope can’t be stopped!  God IS going to fulfill His words to me.

Who hasn’t experienced something similar?  You hear the Lord, you act on it.  Then, abruptly, the road ends.  The looming defeat enables self-pity to make an appearance while your faith level plummets.  All of the sudden, the dream dies.

Then God graciously reminds us, that when we hit a roadblock, we must persevere with the audacious fuel of hope.  When you face a detour, it doesn’t mean your trip has ended.

It simply means you have to muster more faith.

You garner your weapons: the Word and prayer.

And you hold on to the hope that we have, because Christ dwells in us.

So, we are praying A LOT!  Praying for the Cambodian government to upgrade their internal child welfare systems, for the U.S. State Department to begin accepting applications, and for our beautiful daughter who is already set apart as a Winkler.

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