Hearing God’s Voice

I love the story in 1 Samuel 3. It’s the story about Samuel learning to hear the voice of God at an early age. His lesson only took one night, whereas it feels as though my lesson is ongoing. I have had to develop the skill of listening for God’s voice. I had to train myself that there was a vast difference between hearing God and listening to Him.

I remember a time when I lived in Vancouver, Washington, I asked God for a better-developed ear to His voice. The task He gave me was simple. Every time I had the opportunity to show love to others, I was to act. Any time I felt the need to buy someone’s dinner, to pump someone’s gas, to return someone’s basket at the grocery store I was to act on it. Not hesitate, not pray, and not second-guess – simply ACT.

As I started this exercise and began serving and loving others, I began to better recognize God’s voice in my life: His leading, calling and direction. Being able to identify God’s voice has helped me to discern when an idea is from Him, and when it is most definitely from me. This type of discernment is crucial at this stage in my life.

Deborah and I are embarking on the biggest journey of our lives. God spoke to both of us in an instant. A kind of speaking that demanded instant obedience. Tomorrow we will share with the world what God has called us to do, and would love for each of you to join our journey as we…

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  1. Wonderful!!!! Uncle Chuck & I are so proud of you all. We will partner w u in prayer. We look forward to hearing the details on how the odoption of ur daughter is going.


    Aunt Ivy & Uncle Chuck 🙂

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