Boxing with God

I’m glad God doesn’t get as disappointed in me as much as I allow myself to get disappointed in Him. That statement makes me uncomfortable but the reality of the statement is true. There are times when I get disappointed in God, because He doesn’t show up or move in the way that I expect Him to.In these moments when my disappointment level goes up- my boxing gloves come on. I go 10 rounds in boxing with God before I learn the lesson he is teaching me. The good thing is God can handle our boxing. I take all my shots early. I go after His goodness. I ask why. I try to go for the TKO by calling into question all of God’s promises.

We bob and weave for a couple of rounds. I feel like I have finally got through to God and start taking my gloves off. I feel the fight is over because I have got all my shots in. My disappointment is still there but I feel a sense of relief because I got to say what I wanted to say. Then it happens. GOD BOXES BACK.

At first I think “how dare you?!?!?!” But then I settle back in the ring and understand that if I throw the first punch, I gotta’ take some back. Except God’s punches are more punishing. He takes his time working me down. He reminds me the perfection of His timing. After those gut shots He shows me His goodness- at work in my life. He reminds me of my purpose and calling. Then gives me a haymaker blow by not only reminding me of His promises but pouring them all over me. Just when I have had enough, when all the disappointment has been worked out of me and I am at my weakest point- BOOM His strength is made perfect. God gets another TKO and I feel nothing but His grace and love! The gloves come off and I remember that God always comes through for me…in big ways.

God can handle our disappointment the question is can we handle His GRACE?

3 thoughts on “Boxing with God

  1. That was such a moving post. Thank you so much for writing this. I think this was the perfect thing for today. I really get what you are saying and I think I need to question all the shots I make towards God. Cause I know that all the shots he takes is for my own good 🙂 I knew all of this but, it just really showed me in a different way, of how God works.

  2. That was a huge comfort to me as I am on a soul searching journey after losing my 21 year old son Ryan David Smith on 04/18/2010. Ryan was a boxer, respected the simple beauty and the “sweet science” of the sport. The symbolism of life was interpreted uniquely by Ryan and I am only now coming to appreciate that. Oh what regrets I have

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