The Agent and The Beast

codywinkler.comIt was a dark night in a small Texas town. There was a 9 year old boy trying to carry out one of his many secret agent tasks. He took the bag and threw it over his shoulder- he only had so much time to dispose of the waste. As he approached the gate that took him to the unknown a feeling that he had experienced many times before set in- fear. What if this was his last mission? What if he didn’t make it back from the unknown alive? What if his mission was compromised by the beast?

The agent and the beast had never met. But the fear of the beast pushed the agent to carry out his job swiftly and without mistake. The gate to the unknown made a loud squeaking noise. The agent closed it quickly frozen and able to enter the unknown. “That noise had to have woken the beast.” The agent thought to himself. Nothing moved- silence was louder than it had ever been before and the night pressed against the agent suffocating him with fear. He knew the task could not be carried out unless he had his secret weapon.

The agent threw the bag down ran back into the building frantically searching for his weapon. Finally he spotted it- the flashlight. The agent had a new found confidence. He approached the gate to the unknown with weapon in hand. As he approached the gate he activated his weapon illuminating the bag. He grabbed the bag slung it over his shoulder once again and pushed the gate to the unknown open with force. He ran as fast has he could threw the bag into the waste disposal dungeon.

While there he used his secret weapon to look into the unknown and see that the beast that he feared- but the beast wasn’t there. The agent knew as long as he had the light he need not fear the unknown.

What about you? Do you approach the gate to the unknown in fear? Do you fear the beast that seemingly waits for you to make a mistake and overtake you? When we go through life and never appropriate the authority we truly walk in as children of God, we will always be crippled by fear. In understanding the authority you and I have as children of God we can approach the unknown with our secret weapon- Jesus. With this light we can approach the unknown with confidence and find that the beast that we fear- fears the light that we walk in.

Today live differently. Live Fearless. Appropriate the authority you walk in as a child of God and run into the unknown with confidence.

1 John 4:18- There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.