Picture Frame


I was shopping at a craft store (with my wife!) in Texas. We were looking for the perfect picture frame. As I began looking at all the frames with preset scenes of people I didn’t know being seemingly happy  I ran across a picture that looked familiar. I studied this picture and thought “How do I know these people?” Turns out I did know them. It wasn’t the kind of people that you “know” because you know someone who knows someone who is friends with them on facebook.

I actually knew the people in the picture at the store I was shopping at. They were friends of mine from college- in Washington. I couldn’t believe it I got so excited that I took a picture of the picture and texted it to them. Now every time I go to this store there they are with smiling faces welcoming me.

Picture frames are funny aren’t they? They can remind us of either good or bad memories. A captured moment framed to recall a memory tucked away deep within the recesses of our mind. What you find in the picture frame is still-stagnant. It is no longer living but is only a memory.

I began to think about this and asked myself this question: “Is my relationship with Jesus filled with picture frames?” In others is what drives my relationship distant memories of better times or do I go after an experience with Him every day. We are called to remember His death, burial and resurrection; while at the same time instructed to walk in the grace and power from it at the same time. If my Christian walk is only picture frames then it is still-stagnant. It is no longer living but only goes on as a memory.

How sad!?!?

But we allow this to happen. We make a choice to live from memory to memory. Having an encounter only to ignore the responsibility of that encounter. In doing this we push Jesus out of our lives and compartmentalize Him to exist only when we bring out our Christian Photo Album. There is no life in this. There is only frustration.

I encourage you to take Jesus out of the Picture Frame in your life. Let Him Lead you and experience the LIFE he promises.