My life as a Nicholas Sparks Novel

stories Have you ever felt like your life was a Nicholas Sparks novel? The same story being played over and over only with new characters. This usually takes place in my life when I am listening to a lie of the enemy instead of walking out the promises of God. Living life as a Nicholas Sparks novel will only create the need for dependency on your and consistency of failure. We would be comfortable living in a cycle of life no matter what that cycle was really doing to us.

It takes a huge leap of faith to bust this cycle in our life. Rehearsing the same story over and over is safe. We grow familiar with our mistakes. We become the author of our own story…sort of. I have seen this over and over in my life. I make vague promises to God that I will change, or that next time it will be different. Only to find that when I am in the middle of the next story- the characters are different but the story line is the same. When this mindset persists in my life I use phrases like “I am a victim” “I am a failure” “I am a let down” “I am someone who will make stupid decision” “I am someone without purpose, passion or vision.”

Ever been there?

When the spies came back from looking at the land God had promised them. They saw what they looked like through their own eyes and this is the report they gave.

Numbers 13:31- But the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.”

Gods people had to relive this statement for the next 40 years of their lives- because they chose to believe what they saw instead of what God said. They said “We are too weak” “We are to small” “We will surely die” I can relate. I let fear cripple me from completely walking in the promises of God ever day. I rehears and relive the I am statement that I see in me and not the I am statements that God has placed in me. I continue to play out the same defeated story with the same fear only I invite other characters in. I trust myself as the author of my story instead of God has the author. Only when we put down the pen to our own lives can we truly break the continual story we write. When we lay down the pen and God picks it up we live under an entire new set of “I am” statements because the “I AM” is writing.



“I am God’s BEST”



Put down the pen…break the mold of the “I am” statements you live under to live under the great “I AM” statements that God says you are. Let him write your story- then it wont be same story different characters. Be the character in your story and not the author of your story. When you are the character you believe the promises God writes on your heart.

Get busy- you have a new story to walk in!