faith phobia The other day there was a story on TV about kids who struggle with social phobia. These kids would freeze up in social dynamics but would thrive when in an environment they trusted, which usually involved only their parents. Things that are typically enjoyed by little kids were stressful situation to these who struggle with social-phobia. At the end of the documentary the host made a statement that got me thinking. He noted that in most cases parents would come to the rescue of their kids to quickly so the kids couldn’t develop the necessary social skills to cope. What the parents were doing to protect was in fact hindering the kids process and development.

As I thought about this documentary I began to think through my spiritual life. Are there unnecessary phobia’s that I have because I have sheltered myself against the unknown. I have tried to protect myself from various trials but in doing so have hindered my spiritual develop. I think the enemy would lie to us and have Christians draw a hard and fast line between God’s blessing and our trials. If we go through trials does it mean that we are not walking in the fullness of God’s blessing? Jesus went through trials…test…tribulations- therefore I would have to say that trials cannot be separated from God’s blessing.

If I try to shelter myself from trials or even suffering I might be developing a phobia. We can call it the faith-phobia. If I am afraid of trials and suffering because I think it shows a lack of faith or blessing and try to protect myself from trials and suffering then in fact I could be developing a phobia against faith. Hear me out…before you turn all red faced and claim I am talking contrary to the peace God offers. In my opinion this statement is out of wack anyway.

James 1:2-3– “My bretheren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

Every time I read this scripture my jaw hits the floor. I don’t think we should go out looking for trials and suffering but when they come our way we should not cower away from them, but learn through them so our faith can be tested and patience born. It is when we try to protect ourselves from trials that we invite fear into our life. If we tie God’s blessing directly to the lack of trials in our life- what happens when a trial comes? Are we not blessed? NO! I am not saying go look under every rock for trials…tribulation…test. What I am saying is that FAITH is built when we trust God that He is faithful in all things, even trials. I don’t like when trials come into my life. I don’t like when a test comes my way. But to shy away and try to protect our self from it reveals a lack of trust in God to get us through it.

Me…I hope that my trust in God’s ability to bring me through something will shine when trials come my way…because they will come.