Church and politics

Photobucket PhotobucketThe question was asked of me should churches take a stand on political issues. Let me be the first to tell you that I am in no way an authority on this issue and my opinions are just that…opinions. That being said they are opinions and beliefs that I hold very dearly and most often times very closely to my heart.

Back to the question- “Should churches take a stand on political issues.” It seems to me that the phrase “political issues” is a phrase that covers a lot of areas. There is fiscal, social, business, health care, education and many more topics.

We have blurred the lines of religion and politics and some people have in fact made their religion politics. However history has proven that this is not the first time these lines have been blurred. It was from the pulpit that the great revolution was birthed, stirred a


nd carried out when the tyrannous oppression from England was happening. If a political stand had not been taken by the church the out come might have been different.

But the political issues of today are far more in depth. The political issues today have become moral issues. In regards to moral issues the church should stay in line with scripture. Being the “light” as Jesus talked about in Matthew is hard. Light is offensive and is unapologetic in its approach to darkness. Light does not ask if it will offend the darkness but when it shows up there can no longer be any darkness. Being the light of the world is offensive and unwavering that is the stand I am going to take. I am going to be the light of the world. The church should be the light of the world…its attractive, relevant and unapologetic.

Should the church take a stand on political issues- of coarse if and when they are counter-biblical.

What are these issues???? I have my opinion what is yours?