Missions Update

Bogota Trip 2011

Bogota is beautiful! The weather here has been great. I know I am in trouble for not being diligent in keeping up to date with the blog. Allow me to defend myself briefly. We have been non-stop all day everyday with short breaks here and there. The time in ministry has been huge. God is doing great things in and through our team.

The last time I wrote we had just arrived and were weary travelers. On Sunday we went to Avivemiento- a church of over 70,000 people. When we showed up we were their guest of honor. They ushered us in to the front and Pastor Carl greeted the congregation.Photobucket Pastor Rodriguez prayed over our team a total of 5 times. I will let the people on the trip tell you individually what happened to them during this powerful service. God moved and shattered our view and opinion of him in a BIG way!

On Monday we went to Ciudad Bolivar a place in Bogota that has been heavily influenced by the gorilla warfare and drug cartels. The people that live in this area are poor and the kids here have been abandoned by there parents. An organization we work with “Canal de Bendecion” reaches out to over 2,000 kids by feeding them daily and teaching them God’s Word. On Monday our team split up into three groups.

Group 1- Was a team of 4: Myndi, Manda, Stephen and Sarah Photobucket. They went to a poor single mom’s house and did some cleaning. Her house sits on a hill and has a dirt floor with carpet laid down. When the rain comes the floor washes away because there is no foundation. Due to this the house was musky and unsanitary. This team went in and took out the carpet, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the stove and the refrigerator and blessed this woman. By the end of the day the whole team pitched in and we poured a new concrete foundation and patched the holes in her house. We truly reached out to the least of these.

PhotobucketGroup 2- Was a bigger team: Kyle, Rylan, Harrison, Houston, Greg and Nathan. This team took out the side of a mountain so a family could build steps to their house. The moved heavy rocks, avoided gas lines, separated sand, redistributed dirt and were truly the hands and feet of God. By the end of the day we were pouring a new concrete floor for their house and they had safe passage from the street down to their house.

Group 3- Was a group of too many people to remember. This group fed kids a meal. The meal served was nothing special to our team but to the kids receiving it was possibly the only meal they would get to eat that day. Along with the meal this team washed chairs and dishes for what seemed like eternity (Thanks Elisabeth!)Photobucket

On Tuesday we went to another project in this same area. We all stayed together and painted steel, tarred a rough, swept and mopped, fed the children and did some dramas. In fact the dramas were impromptu. We went on a basketball court in the middle of a small area and begin presenting dramas. Kids came from out of nowhere. Stephen Peters gave a salvation message and many of the kids responded. It was good for our team to experience that time with the kids.

On Tuesday night we went and did a service at Pastor Samuels’ church. We had great anticipation for what God was going to do in and through our team. God moved in a powerful way- people were healed and our team had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that shattered our box of what God could do and who God is. If you are a parent and reading this…you will have to wait until we get back to find out more about this church…don’t worry it will be talked about!

God is using our team in powerful ways. Our verse is Habakkuk 1:5! Please continue to pray for us that we would be well rested and ready to be poured out as a drink offering. The work we are doing here is needed but it is physically and emotionally draining, but God is good and will give us strength.