Tim Tebow = Timely Message

PhotobucketTim Tebow is the most polarizing athlete to ever play in the NFL. People either love him or hate him. I don’t know what side of that fence you place your opinion, but both sides can agree Tim Tebow is special.

A couple of weeks ago the Broncos were playing the Lions. 2 defensive players for the Lions sacked Tebow and then began to mock his pose which has been deemed as “tebowing”. My family and I were discussing this at our Saturday morning donut routine when my dad suggested that he was “Daniel in the Lions Den.” We chuckled and laughed about it but the phrase stuck with me.

As I went back and read the story of Daniel I saw that he was in a culture where godliness wasn’t a priority and yet still because of Daniels uncompromising faith he was elevated to position of authority that many around him felt he was not qualified for. In fact he was so in the lime light that the people around him set him up for failure. Talked negatively about him all the time and even made an attempt to pass legislation that would either force him to compromise or end his life. What we learn from Daniel is that he didn’t care about the voices around Him because he knew the anointing he walked in. Amongst the mocking, the ridicule and even an attempt at forced failure, Daniel was…well…he was Daniel. He continued to pray to the true God and didn’t compromise his beliefs for no body. What happened next was that the favor of God was on Daniels life so fiercely that God spared his destruction and elevated his position even higher in the kingdom. Daniel teaches us that the favor of God, with hard work and uncompromising faith leads to positioning that others are uncomfortable with, positioning that others cannot get in the way of.

As I was looking at the life of Daniel and putting it into the context of today’s culture I couldn’t think of an individual more fitting than Tim Tebow. Many think he is to good to be true, while others are hoping he in some way either on or off the field has a blunder or a failure. But maybe, just maybe Tebow has the same anointing and calling as Daniel. He is in the middle of a culture where godliness is not celebrated. He has a position that many feel he is unqualified for and does not deserve. He is talked negatively about and could seem that media, sports fans and other athletes are trying to set him up for failure. But what Tebow has showed us is that in the midst of all that stuff…in the midst of attempted forced failure, Tebow is…well…he is Tebow. He continues to pray and give glory to the true God. He isn’t compromising his faith or beliefs and I can see clearly that God’s hand and favor are all over his life and it might just be related to the idea that he, like Daniel understands the anointing he walks in. Does this mean he will win every football game….probably not (that would be so cool). What it means is that Tim Tebow has a calling. A calling that he is going after regardless of what man says to him. A calling, with the heart and attitude, that God will get the glory and he will use his platform to give God that glory.

We cannot understand this kid because most athletes who become spokespeople for God start out their careers with a very worldly mindset. Somewhere along the way they have a radical conversion and we celebrate them. Tim is just radical in his faith-uncompromising. We don’t celebrate it…because we are intimidated by it.

I say Tim Tebow is a breath of fresh air. God’s got a call on his life that I am going to celebrate. I believe that like Daniel, Tebow will continue to be elevated to positions that others do not understand because the favor of God is on his life…he puts his trust in God’s strength working through him and not in his own.

Thanks Tebow for reminding us that we can live our faith out loud. Keep up the good work and you got my prayers!

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  1. That’s right!!!! – Great offering Cody – Thanks for taking a stand as Tim Tebow takes a knee, you both are representing your Faith out loud.

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