Best Christmases Ever!

PhotobucketI have done some thinking of the past couple of weeks on what to do for my Christmas week blog. I have finally landed on a thought and idea. I am going to share with you my 5 most memorable Christmases. These were Christmases where I either got exactly what I had asked for or gave exactly what was asked of me. Today we will start with #5. My freshmen year in college I was working at a grocery store and a church as a Jr. High Youth insert whatever title you want to here. For a college student paying with everything in student loans I had some disposable income- I had roughly $700 to spend on Christmas. I was not married…not even dating. I only had my immediate family to buy for. Oh did I buy. My brothers got Nike Shirts of their favorite college team. Not cheap fall apart first wash $3.99 shirts but good quality shirts from Nike and some socks, and some shorts…all Nike. I cant remember what I got my sister but it was Nike. I got my mom a Starbucks card, some shoes and another mom type gift. I got my dad a black light weather jacket that was pretty slick and some Nike golf shoes. It was a ton of fun watching them open their gifts expecting something lame and getting something great. I learned at that point in my life that I love giving to people with excellence.

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