Passionate about Pokemon

I love watching people get excited about what they are passionate about-there is nothing quiet like the feeling. It could be fishing, running, being a doctor, solving world hunger or simply pokemon. Helping people achieve what they are most passionate about is on of the best parts of my job. College-age people often times change their majors frequently. They commit to bazzilion different organizations, social groups and even churches. In fact most of the ones I work with will have between 10-25 descriptive activities under the signature line in their emails. Why is this? Because most of the time college is a time to hone and discover what you are most passionate about, you can have several interest and hobbies but finding out passion will lead to discover purpose. As a college pastor my job is to connect college age people to the church, deal with age-stage issues, and walk with them on their journey towards passion and purpose. Hopefully some time in our journey they will respond with as much excitement as the kid in this video. How about you…are you doing what you are most passionate about or is it time for a change?