Rudolf and Reindeer Games

PhotobucketSo the other night I sat down to watch the old classic claymation version of Rudolf and his development into the reindeer who leads Santa sleigh through a fiercely foggy night. I was excited to finally sit down and watch this on DVD because I had watched it on TV growing up. The storyline starts off that Rudolf is born with a red nose that lights up. This is unacceptable for reindeers to have. Instead of celebrating his diversity all of the other reindeers laugh and call him names. They didn’t even let poor Rudolf join in any reindeer games. That is until that foggy Christmas eve. Then Rudolf finds out that he was in fact designed with a red nose that lights up for a specific purpose and because of his unique nose CHRISTMAS WAS SAVED. Then all the reindeers celebrated Rudolf and his nose to the point where he went down in History…like Columbus. This is a show about a reindeer embracing his differences and overcoming the bullying of his peers.

This story about a reindeer is the same story that many people live every day of their life, walking around hiding their uniqueness for a chance to partake in reindeer games. A perpetual fear looms in our culture and hinders people from enjoying life the way God created them to join. As soon as someone walks, talks or acts different from what the society they are apart of deems as normal than Bullying begins to take place. This Bullying has polluted our elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. And now due to delayed adolescence bullying has now infected even our college experience. This is not a problem but it is an epidemic that has taken the lives of innocent people from elementary to college age.

Sitting there watching this claymation showed me that all of us have a little bit of Rudolf in us. We choose to engage in reindeer games to cover up some insecurity and need for conformity all while being independent. We should be so wise to realize that only when we are operating in our uniqueness will we see the purpose that God has for our lives. When we begin to live out that purpose we will find a joy and peace that no amount of reindeer games will every bring us. Celebrate your uniqueness and embrace how God made you and what He made you for and celebrate others uniqueness too!