Merry XMAS?!?!?!

Photobucket Tis’ the season! Or so you would think. It seems in recent years the Christmas Season has become a bit hostile. Secular society would like to eliminate the word Christmas all together and call it the “holiday” season…bah humbug! The most hostile and trivial debate would be around the word xmas. Hostile in the fact that many Christians go nuts whenever they see this spelling for our beloved word Christmas. I hear phrases like, “Don’t take CHRIST out of Christmas!” You cant spell Christmas without Christ” whereas these arguments are true in reality to spell out the word Christmas you nead the leaders C.H.R.I.S and T. and the other point is true that without Christ there truly would be no Christmas. However I am starting to think that we might miss the point of Christmas by getting so irate over something as simple as merry Xmas.

Allow me to elaborate. For thousands of years catholic and orthodox Christians have be using the letter X as a substitute for Christ. X resembles the let chi in the Greek, which is the first letter for the word Χριστός, a Greek word for Chrst. In fact in many churches you will see the symbol to the right with resembles a P and a X which has been used for Christ.Photobucket It was Christians that brought the word XMAS to our society (the audacity! oh keep reading) because it was a short hand for Christ. XMAS is an abbreviation for Christmas as MR. is for mister. Although you would never use XMAS in a formal environment this abbreviation would only be for informal settings. I think we should keep the phrase Christmas and not use holidays. Holidays sounds wimpy anyway, but XMAS let’s just take it back-laugh when someone says it thinking they are taking “CHRIST” out when in reality they are affirming his presence.

I wont use merry XMAS but I wont lose my witness with someone who does…however I will kick some butt if they say happy holidays- we all have our weaknesses.