Celebrate Wins

PhotobucketAs the 2010-2011 college football season started one of the Universities our church reaches out to had some excitement and a lot of uncertainty. Texas Tech fired their head coach Mike Leach January 2010 right before their Velero Bowl appearance. Shortly there after they hired head coach Tommy Tubberville. Fans were split over the decisions made by the University to the point that some season ticket holders surrendered their tickets. With this much back story the start of the season arrived with as stated previously excitement and uncertainty.  Tech won its first two games then lost to the hated Texas Longhorns. We beat Colorado but lost to Oklahoma, OSU and A&M, however we did beat Baylor.

The season was up and down; talk of Techs started to circulate about NOT being bowl eligible. This was tragic seeing as how Tech has been bowl eligible for the past 18 years and has appeared in bowls the past 11 years. The coaching staff and players knew that this would be a year to rebuild. They had a new defensive scheme and new offensive strategy. The look and feel of the team on and off the field was different. At times there was not much to celebrate as a fan. Then it happened! Number 14 Missouri came to Lubbock to play Tech for homecoming. The games started off with a 69yrd TD run and a 72yrd TD run both for Missouri. As the game progressed all the planning and strategy began to work. Suddenly tech went from being down to leading and from leading to winning. The fans were in awe as our Red Raiders got the ball with under a minute left and could kneel down for the win. As time expired the student section emptied. Everyone rushed the field and the celebrated this win BIG. This was a win worth celebrating. From this win Tech went on to be 7-4 and accepted an invitation to the ticket-city bowl.

In ministry there are times where we implement new strategy, ideas and people. It can seem like an uphill clime at times- losing when we should win. Everything can look bleak and like a failure. I would encourage you to wait and look for the moment when you can rush the field and celebrate your win BIG. Don’t always look for what has gone wrong or what you need to change- today look at what you are doing that is good. Look for the wins and celebrate them BIG!