PhotobucketWhen I was younger my memories of rainbows included “my little ponies” and “Carebears.” I associated rainbows with girls and wanted nothing to do with them at all. Boys did not play with rainbows in my head however every time it rained I was mesmerized by the rainbow in the sky. As I grew older the rainbow changed for me. It grew from ponies and bears to the symbol for an alternative lifestyle. I still wanted nothing to do with the rainbow because of what it grew to represent. Yet whenever it rained I would always search for the rainbow in the sky. In recent years rainbow has become somewhat of a joke with a recent youtube.com sensation “double rainbow guy.” I literally split my gut watching that video. The rainbow in my mind had changed once again. It had gone from ponies and bears, to alternative lifestyles and now to people in Yellowstone with a lot of time and a whole lot of other stuff but still when it rains the first thing we (my family) look for is the rainbow in the sky.

Amongst all the changes in my personal life why is it that I am led to continue to look for the natural phenom. Every time it rains? The answer to this questions was found this morning as I read Genesis 9:13 which states, “I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.” Even thought the rainbow had changed to me- the true purpose of the rainbow had remained. It shows that God is faithful and true to His promises every time. Wherever you are in your life remember God’s promises are YES and AMEN- don’t take my word for it just look at Rainbows.

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