PhotobucketMy kids love the moon or the moo as it is so affectionately called by Joshua my one year old. Every night we go out as a family to look at the “night sky.” I love watching my two boy’s ooo and awe at God’s creation. They pick out big o’ stars and Joshua is like a hound dog looking for the moo. As we were looking at the “night sky” last night it was a beautiful full moon. I was reminded of information about the moon I learned in 5th grade science in particular how it shines so brightly. The moon shines light that it is actually reflecting off the sun. The moon does not and cannot generate its own light, but can only reflect the light given to it by the sun.

As I stood there God began to speak to me. What am I reflecting? As human I cannot create light from within myself. I can only reflect the light of the image I was created to. In Genesis 1:27 we read that it was in the very image and likeness of God that we were created. We were created to be a reflector, to hold the reflection of the Son. Unfortunately often times in my life personally I chose to reflect the nature I was born into instead of the one I was redeemed into. The question has been burned into my mind- What is your reflection?