Get them connected with older adults

This is probably the most important thing you can do in the life of a college age person. There is something about connecting to older individuals who have life experience that is comfortable and life changing for college age people. Here is what I do to connect college age people with older adults- take it, use it, make it your own!

The way in which I attempt to connect College age people with older adults is through a program called Living Rooms. The purpose of “Living Rooms” is to bring deeper relationship and authentic discipleship. We utilize the houses of married couples at our church. These couples will take 8-10 college students and talk through life with them: calling, purpose, identity, pleasure and passion. Each home will meet on Sunday, Monday or Friday night. The frequency of meeting is encouraged to be at least every 2 weeks but can meet weekly. The students have been more receptive to every week.  Each house can provide food, coffee, snacks or nothing at all. Once a month I will provide dinner or snacks for each home. These “Living Room” settings will provide a safe and personal environment for college age people.

Once a month we will highlight Living Rooms at our Evoke Worship Experience. We will break the students up into their Living Rooms with the host family present. This will show other student the quality and importance of growing in community. During this week at Evoke it is encouraged that one Living Room leader from each house is present to connect other college age people to their  individual Living Room.

Each “Living Room” should last at least an hour but can go longer. The commitment for each house is 1 semester or 15 weeks.

If you have any more questions about living rooms shoot me an email I would love to tell you all about them.